Silver 2430 € - cubic zircons 64 x 1,5 mm

Gold 5615 € - diamonds 64 x 0,015ct

White gold 5865 € - diamonds 64 x 0,015ct

Incl. VAT


additional bits: silver 450 €  •  gold 1350 €  •  white gold 1470


Ribbon 9 mm

Hair strands needed 120 pcs, minimum length 70 cm (28”)
All ribbon styles available.




Bracelet Noora is a version of Naomi. That beautiful, simple design has been been completed with 64 hand bedded zircons or diamonds which make the bracelet shimmer and shine.


Even with so many stones, you can wear it when dressed casual and it wont look extravagant. When you wear it with your evening gown, velvet or silk, it is coequal with them because of the valuable, fine materials and excellent craftmanship.


To complete the set you can also consider the choker Noora and brooch Ayad.


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2 430,00 €Price
  • Nauha 9 mm

    Jouhitarve 120 kpl, minimipituus 70 cm
    Kaikki nauhamallit mahdollisia.

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  • Band 9 mm

    Haare: 120 Stücke, Länge min. 70 cm
    Alle Bandstile verfügbar.