high end horsehair jewellery

Your horse with you.

designer Nanna Salmi

The original nannasalmi collection since 2000.

Designed by Nanna Salmi, hand crafted in Finland.

Alkuperäinen nannasalmi mallisto vuodesta 2000.

Suunnittelija Nanna Salmi, valmistetaan käsityönä Suomessa.

Die Original Kollektion seit dem Jahr 2000.

Designed von Nanna Salmi, Hand gefertigt in Finnland.

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Your horse means a world to you.

Over the years you two have created a very close and meaningful relationship.

Let us provide you a piece of jewellery to turn this relationship into an everlasting bond.

Hevosesi on sinulle kaikki kaikessa.

Olette vuosien kuluessa luoneet välillenne läheisen ja merkityksellisen siteen. Me luomme sinulle korun, joka tekee siteestänne ikuisen.



Ihr Pferd bedeutet ihnen eine Welt.

Sie haben im Laufe der Jahre eine sehr enge und sinnvolle Beziehung geschaffen. 
Lassen Sie sich von uns ein Schmuckstück kreieren, um diese Beziehung in eine dauerhafte Verbindung zu verwandeln.

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Almost 3000 happy clients all over the world!

I received my earrings today. They are beautiful! Thank you very much.

It’s a seemingly small thing that you do but it is so meaningful and requires extraordinary talent I’m sure


 It was also a delight to see the 
photo of “my boys” posted on your Instagram page.

All the best to you.

Dawn, USA

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nannasalmi horsehair jewellery gift card

Although the times are what they are, there are still birthdays, anniversaries and other meaningful days to celebrate. Even if big parties won´t take place and you couldn´t give your present in person, you can still give something meaningful and to remember - from distance and safe. Order a gift card from us!


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Paras lahja hevosia rakastavalle, nannasalmi lahjakortti. Helppo, nopea ja aina täsmälleen oikea.


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Beste Geschenkidee für einen Pferdeliebhaber: nannasalmi Geschänkkarte. Immer geschätzt.

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