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It’s important to size your ring correctly in order to get just the right fit. Later alterations are not possible because of the bespoke nature of your ring’s quality construction and carefully woven horsehair ribbon.

Our rings are crafted with the highest quality materials, which make your ring a creation of substance. Therefore, the weight of the ring should be considered when choosing a design. (Our rings can weigh as much as 16 grams.)

Finding the best fit for your ring is of utmost importance. It must slip on comfortably and stay in place when you wear it. If your ring is sized incorrectly, the fit will be too snug or too loose, either of which will make it uncomfortable to wear.

Once you’ve chosen the style of your new ring, we recommend you visit your local jeweler to try on rings with a similar band type and weight. These trained experts will have ring sizing tools that are accurate for broad rings and convex inner surfaces like the ones in our nannasalmi collection. Consulting a jeweler prior to making your order will enable you to choose a ring with the fit and appearance that will be perfect for you!


When ordering your bracelet from us, please provide us with the length of the ready item: measure your wrist by wristbone and add 1 - 1,5 cm.

If your bracelet needs to be sized a bit larger, your local jeweler can easily add jump rings between the clasp and the cord (or crimp) ends.



Salinero and Coriano

Horsehair ribbon has its own unique qualities, which are unlike any chain or beaded necklaces. Therefore, the perfect fit is of utmost importance, so it’s imperative to have accurate measurements. A stiff shoelace or ribbon are good choices to use for measuring.

In order to achieve the perfect fit and ensure the horseshoe falls in precisely the right place, an accurate measurement is essential. (Please refer to photo.)

IMG_1046 (2).JPG
kaulakorun mittaaminen.jpg

Choker style

When ordering nannasalmi choker, please send us the length measurement from a well-fitting choker you already own, if possible. A choker, as the name implies, looks best fitted snugly against your throat. So, a correct fit will offer you the most comfortable and attractive appearance.


If your choker feels a bit too tight, your local jeweler can easily add jump rings between the clasp and the cord (or crimp) ends.

If your choker needs to be shortened, please contact us before shipping the item and we will estimate the costs of alterations.

kaulakorun mittaaminen 2.jpg


As with all jewelry that is loved and worn, nannasalmi horsehair jewelry may at some time require repair. If so, rest assured we’re here to offer your jewelry treasures our attention and expertise.

  • If a ribbon wears out or unravels, you can send your item back to us for repairs. We will weave a new ribbon, and our jewelry experts will reattach the original, polished, metal parts.

  • If a ribbon loosens from its metal ends, please send your item back to us and we will determine what steps must be taken to restore it to its previous perfection.


  • If the clasp breaks, your local jeweler can easily replace it.



  • If your nannasalmi jewelry is cleaned or repaired by a local jeweler, please remember to point out that the ribbon is made of real horsehair.


  • Please contact us always before shipping the item and we will estimate the costs of alterations/repairs.

  • Please, do not ship the item back without contacting us in advance!

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