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Width 65 mm, ribbon 6 mm

Hair strands needed 80 pcs, minimum length 80 cm (32”)

All ribbon styles available.



Brooche Cassandra you can wear all the time, everyday, anywhere. No matter what the occasion is, you can have a part of your horse with you. Cassandra can be used as a plastron needle, too.


Brooche Cassandra is easy to give as a gift:
You don´t have to know the exact size like when ordering rings or bracelets. It´s also perfect for a young girl as well as for a grown up woman.


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585,00 €Price
  • Leveys 65 mm, nauha 6 mm

    Jouhitarve 80 kpl, minimipituus 80 cm

    Kaikki nauhamallit mahdollisia.

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  • Breite 65 mm, Band 6 mm

    Haare: 80 Stücke, Länge min. 80 cm

    Alle Bandstile verfügbar.