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Silver 605  •  € Gold 1445 €  •  White gold 1625 €

Incl. VAT


Length 60 mm, ribbon 3 mm


Hair strands needed 40 pcs, minimum length 50 cm (20”)

All ribbon styles available exept 'broad stripe'.


First plastron needle 'Max' was made for the Finnish dressage rider Kyra Kyrklund. The needle is named after her corgeus stallion Max. She wore it in the Olympic Finals 2008.


You and your horse are also worth it.


Ordering and paying
Contact us and tell which item you are interested in.
We reply by email and give you further information about sending hair etc.
When all the details of your order are clear, you will receive an invoice by email.


Contact now!

Read more: Kyra Kyrklund, Mrs Horse Professor


605,00 €Price
  • Slightly curved.

    Hieman kaareva.

    Leicht gekrümmt.

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