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Silver 1015 € - cubic zircons 14 x 1,3 mm
Gold 2005 € - diamonds 14 x 0,01ct
White gold 2170 € - diamonds 14 x 0,01ct

Incl. VAT


Additional hearts: silver 495 €  •  gold 960 €  •  white gold 995 €


Ribbon 6 mm

Hair strands needed 80 pcs, minimum length 70 cm (28”) 
All ribbon styles available.

Like bracelet Puella, Puella Star tells at a glance how much you love, charish and appreciate your horse.


Although the bracelet is rather narrow and graceful, it takes its place on your wrist and is far from modest or inconspicuous.


Ordering and paying
Contact us and tell which item you are interested in
We reply by email and give you further information about sending hair etc.
When all the details of your order are clear, you will receive an invoice by email.


Contact now!

Puella Star

1 015,00 €Price
  • Nauha 6 mm

    Jouhitarve 80 kpl, minimipituus 70 cm
    Kaikki nauhamallit mahdollisia.

    Tilaa nyt!


  • Band 6 mm

    Haare: 80 Stücke, Länge min. 70 cm
    Alle Bandstile verfügbar.



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