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Tiebar Poco Loco

Length 70 mm, ribbon 3 mm 

Length 25 mm, ribbon 3 mm

Hair strands needed 40 pcs, minimum length 50 cm (20”)


Hair strands needed 40 pcs, minimum length 50 cm (20”)

All ribbon styles available exept 'broad stripe'.


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Getting dressed for an important meeting or festive occasion is ”a happening”. You shower, shave, comb. You choose your suit, shirt and shoes carefully. You might even give a special thought for your sock choice. But then comes the most difficult part, that moment which tears your nerves into shards: you have to choose exactly the right tie...


You might even ask your wife´s advice. Too colorful? Too boring? With stripes or without? Silk?


With nannasalmi tiebar Poco Loco you have no longer that problem. Choose a simple tie that goes along with the other colors of your outfit and put Poco Loco on it. That is enough: the tiebar finishes your outfit and you can be sure that no one else has the same. It looks stylish and sophisticated and most of all it has a very special meaning for you.


Combining tiebar Poco Loco with cufflinks Polo makes a perfect match.

Set: Poco Loco & Polo

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