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Ribbon 9 mm, shoes 29 mm

Hair strands needed 120 pcs, minimum length 70 cm (28”)
All ribbon styles available.




If you are looking for a bacelet for men, Cedric is a very good option.


In a wide, woven ribbon your horse’s tail hair strands and a chosen pattern come out impressingly. Timeless, simple design makes it a perfect equestrian good luck charm you can wear anywhere, anytime.


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580,00 €Price
  • Nauha 9 mm, kengät 29 mm

    Jouhitarve 120 kpl, minimipituus 70 cm
    Kaikki nauhamallit mahdollisia.

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  • Band 9 mm, Hufeisen 29 mm

    Haare: 160 Stücke, Länge min. 70 cm
    Alle Bandstile verfügbar.


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