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Silver 655 €  •  Gold 1825 €  •  White gold 2040 €
Incl. VAT


Ribbon 9 mm

Hair strands needed 120 pcs, minimum length 70 cm (28”)
All ribbon styles available.



Bracelet Falcao is impressive in all its simplicity. In a wide, woven ribbon your horse’s hair strands, their color tones and the chosen pattern come out exquisitely. It looks great also with ribbon 'solid' (monochrome).


Vacant, bare design and wide ribbon make the bracelet Falcao suitable for men, too.


Ordering and paying

Contact us and tell which item you are interested in.

We reply by email and give you further information about sending hair etc.

When all the details of your order are clear, you will receive an invoice by email.


Contact now!

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655,00 €Price
  • Nauha 9 mm

    Jouhitarve 120 kpl, minimipituus 70 cm
    Kaikki nauhamallit mahdollisia.

    Tilaa nyt!

  • Band 9 mm

    Haare: 120 Stücke, Länge min. 70 cm
    Alle Bandstile verfügbar.


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